Don't Add Nothing

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When the day comes and I leave up out this bubble, 1 person gon preach my funeral, 1 person gon give my eulogy
Yhe rest of y'all gon be left to tell the world about me
Y'all do it jus like this

Don't you add nothin to it, don't you take none away,
Don't you sugar-coat a word, you jus give it to 'em straight.
This was my life, my strife, my excellence,
It's a good story without the extra shit.
Don't you add nothin to it, don't you take none away,
Don't you sugar-coat a word, you jus give it to 'em straight.
This was my life, my fight, my victory,
And don't leave nothin out my documentary.

I was a baby's baby, a young lady made me
Conceived me, carried me, delivered me
Into this misery. Sithout a father, the streets became
My disciplinarian. The block was family
The corners were my parents, and by 9
I had seen more violence than some people see in a lifetime

I was hypnotized by the powerful, intrigued by the weak
Amazed by survival, in love wit the streets
The 1st time I seen what a handgun
Done to a bunch of men at once I was sprung
I hopped from block to block, for the cops
That made me harder to spot, but I was smart
Ran myself hot in antioch, so I jumped across
That county line, elbows on the move
Up and down central pine650 I paid
9 They bring in lebanon
Somehow I was always jus a step ahead of 'em

I was hard headed. Feedless to say I had a soft ass
My granddaddy didn't laugh, seldom smiled
Serious about business
I wasn't tryna see that belt
With that threat so close, I learned to check myself
My grandmomma? Well, she was a hustla's wife
And she was deeply involved in a hustla's life
I mean, the liquor, the whores, the abuse, and the pain
And by God's grace did it wit a smile on her face

Inspirational. I learned that steal sharpens steal
Friends come and go, but this money for real
Pills, alcohol, kentucky skunk weed
Got me sayin' too much on these fuckin drum beats
I felt like everybody wanted somethin from me
Forced to ask myself "who'd love me if I was bummin?"
So I cried broke, jus to see how fast they'd get to hoppin' overboard wit they ship jumpin ass

I drop the chrome on the street top, everybody knows me
Yuess I'm gettin older now, young'uns call me ol' g
Seems like yesterday jay passed away
Kat was havin kk, and goose was walkin that way
She stopped, we chopped it up, I told her to hit me up
She did, she in the other room sleepin wit kiki
My supporters made me so proud
No matter what I did, they held me down

Like juggalos wit them clowns, they rolled unconditionally
Lost my shit, bought my shit, stayed representin me
Helped me feed my family. I tell you honestly
That there's no way you could ever bother me
Be glad to take a picture wit ya, I'll be glad to sign that
Supposed to be dead & gone, jus look where I'm at
That's God's favor mixed wit dedicated listeners
Y'all ain't never quit on me & I ain't fittin' to quit on y'all