Marika Hackman


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Oh I am bold as brass posing as gold
You can shine me all you want
But I am hard as I am cold
To know your faults, to know yourself
I suit me well

And I was born with a healthy appetite
For all that glisters
White and pure in the night
I had to find your words, your heart
Well, where can I start?

Oh, to drown in your mind
I would, I know I would
To suffocate in your smoke
I'd choke on you if I could
Maybe I will

And if I'm rough, you'll course into my head
You can polish me for hours
But I'll always look best in your head
We wished for lakes been kissed by sun
We found not one: Hundreds, then some

So, I'll drown in your mind
I will, I know I will
And suffocate in your smoke
Die stuffing my lungs with their fill

Autor(es): Marika Hackman