Marcos Ferreira

Don't Be Sad, Mama!

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Mama, don't be sad, don't be sad
Your eyes are crying but no tears flowing
The pain comes from within
Don't be sad, mama! You are not alone, I am here!

I see your face growing older
And your eyes so tired and deep
It's so sad to see the end comes
When I followed you all my life

Far away in time
I saw your lips touching your homeland
You came back after so long
I saw you cry

When Dad said goodbye to life
Now I see eyes full of tears
With the pain of beautiful life coming to an end
You didn't want it be this way

Mama, the blindness came without warning
As nightfall of paradise
The mind became depressed and sick
Darkening the soul

Mom, when you will need me I'll be here
Like many times I needed you
Everything I do now is very little
Of all that you have done for me

But God willing
He will make you stay, a few more years, by my side
I love you my mama
I will do everything I can do for you stay

Autor(es): Marcos A.F.Cardoso

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