Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Dr Slumber's Eternity Home

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All bets are off, the game is over
Your hand’s been played now.
Rien ne va plus
You’ve had enough,
Time to leave your cares behind
Leave it to us,
We’re ready for you

You’ve reached the end,
The final closure
Nothing to plan or worry about
Round up your friends,
Time has come to say goodbye
You’re coming in,
You’re checking out

At dr slumber’s eternity home
No, you don’t have to go alone
At dr slumber’s eternity home
There’ll be no pain
You won’t complain
Never again

Our expert team is here
To serve you
Once you arrive,
You’re here to stay
Sleep your last sleep.
Time to answer your last call
We’re overcrowded anyway.

Autor(es): Arjen Anthony Lucassen

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