Buried In Verona

Don't Call Me Baby

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To see those eyes and feel your smile
To hear those words once more
Your heart is mine and mine is yours
Till the end of time
If I could I would go
And live those days again
Just to feel your sweet embrace
To be your only one
It's only forever
It's always been for you
I would choke on razor blades
Just to speak your name
I would stitch my eyes closed
To always dream of you
I climb aboard your sinking ship
To hold you in my arms
The silence drowns the sound of screams
From your watery grave
Too late to forgive
I'll never forget you never looked so beautiful
Hanging from your fucking neck
There's only thunder when it rains
Can a heart still beat once it breaks?
So take my hands and follow me
Off the mountains edge
And in death is where we will dance
Under blood lit skies

Autor(es): Buried in Verona

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