Don't Fuck With A Killa (2Pac Verse)

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Sick thicker than most of these tricks,
Got my mind on makin money
But you stuck on these fake bitches
I stay blunted and never fronted
And I doubt if I do
Cause if I did then id get beat up by my fuckin crew (Killa)
A real nigga, since you fit that your ready to box
Your catchin knocks from my nigga freddie foxxx and oh
You really don't want none
From pac cause I'll be strapped with my glock
And throw thangs like I'm born to box (Killa)
I hit this motha fuckin gin and I'll be all in
Hell ya, young nigga strait ballin
And everybody wanna see if I'm a g
Weighin 165 and I'm high till I fuckin die
Thug life in this motha fucka catchin wreck
Big stretch hit me off when I hit the set
But I'm cool cause I'm tipsy an I fill it
Niggas tryin to see if I'm a killa c'mon