Don't Go Away

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In darkness we are all the same
See the light, stay. (Oh, please don't go away)

Beauty and the beast we thought
Would never make it through
Good and bad never stopped me from loving you
Your inner beauty, oh, how it set me free
The fear of loving only what ouside we see
But inside he hides all his passion mights
As he fights inner demons alone at night
Tonight I search deep inside my soul
I know what I feel for you, I can't let go
So please stay, and please know
That my love is no joke
And I'm strong and I hope that some day we'll grow old
Unfold the mould of life as we see it because your love is needed

Don't go away. You've got to stay
Don't, don't go away
Pick your head up, don't frown
We can survive somehow
Oh, please don't go away

Please don't go away. My love is here to stay
No matter what they say. My love won't fade away
Today I sit and pray, is everything okay
Day by day you take my heart away
In pieces, no reasons 'cause I believe in us
You're the one I trust. You gave me love
And never took advantage of my heart
I loved you from the start
Please don't break my heart just say you'll stay

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