Headhunter D.C.


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"i conjure you my brethren(...)!
Break up, break up, ye concerning ones, the old tables!
(...)there is no longer any "god", or any "sinner", or any "savior"(...)!
Lo! the pale criminal hath bowed his head: out of his eye speaketh the great contempt.
Only since he lay in the grave have ye again arisen.
(write new values on new tables!)
The transvaluation of all values!...
He that hath an ear let him hear:
God is dead!!!"

Gott ist tot!!!
Dieu est mort!!!
Dio è morto!!!
Dios está muerto!!!
Deus está morto!!!!!!!!!!!!

(fragments taken from friedrich w. nietzsche's "thus spoke zarathustra" and "the antichrist")

Autor(es): Sérgio Baloff Borges

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