Don't Let The Bossman Get You Down

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Well, I don't mind workin' I need the check
Sometimes I think it would be nice
If I could get me a little respect
The kids are cryin' for groceries
And every month the rent man comes around
Sad, children cryin' for bread
Sometimes you can't afford to be too sensitive
Don't let the bossman get you down

One more dollar deeper in debt
And another day older
Just some four-eyed fool hangin' over my shoulder
Oh, yeah, watchin' every move that I make
And my back's about to break
I know he's a low-down hound
Don't let the bossman get you down
I'm feelin' down, Elvin!

You know I try to grin and fake it
It's kinda hard to take it
And it gets a fella down
Bruce I woulda joined the circus
If I wanted to work with a clown
But ah hell you gotta make a livin'
But don't let the bossman get you down

Autor(es): Elvin Bishop

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