Easy If You Are Gone

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I cry alone at night
and it makes me feel a bit cold and empty inside
but that is what I love
unconscious but holding on
And it's raining in my heart
there's a fire but it won't burn though I try
I cry alone at night
wishing somehow i could smile
Does it leave you feeling proud of what you've done
when you know you've hurt someone
or do you really care about their feelings
You should now I had enough, I'm all torn
crushed and burned then carried on
now all that's left is this empty feeling
Holding on to you
makes me unsure of myself and so insecure
that's why I closed my eyes
now I'm afraid to see what I might find
And it doesn't matter if you're not here
I blinded and closed my soul
It's easy if your gone

Autor(es): E. Handley