Don't You Want It?

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The house is quiet since you left.
And all the corners are unswept.
I make alliances with the appliances,
I try to get them to talk to me.
Oh I once played romantic lead in your tragicomedy.
The plot unfolded, I was left beholding all these new feelings life has to feel.
What do you want, baby?
Let's do what turns you on.
Don't you want it? Don't you want my love?
Or do you know someone who does?
You were wearing a roman wig and doing the porky pig.
Mama, do you believe what you did conceive?
Is this the future? A new reality?
Uh huh. I've been trying to see past the future, like some future from the past.
I'm in one of my new moods.
I want to know if my dreams are true.
I want to know if the best place to be is here with you. Uh huh.

Autor(es): Ferris