Doo Hickey Song (i Broke The do Hickey)

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Dem dem dem dum ditty dum ditty ha ha ha

Last night I went out with old what's her name again
We went out to this place the whatcham call it inn
We were dancin' around and I was holdin' her a little too tight
I pulled her do hickey off of her thing a m jiggy last night

Well I looked all around and I finally found this litlle do dad
But the thing a m bob was broke and ole what's her name got mad
I tried to put it back together but the ole whatcha m call it wouldn't fit right
I broke the do hickey off of her thing a ma jiggy last night yeah
Yeah da da da da dada da da a ha ha ha ha

And ole whose it came over and he fixed it right away
And ole what's her name went off with whose it I'm happy to say
And I'm a sittin' here drinkin' these do my jiggers bot half tight
I pulled the do hickey off her thing a my jig last night

Man you oughta seen old what's her name
Crawling round under the table pickin' up them little do bubbles
H ha ha ha yes fix me another one of them new jiggers ok

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