Michael Jackson

Do The Bartman

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Yo! Hey, what's happenin', dude?

I'm the guy with a rep for bein' rude.

Terrorizin' people wherever I go

It's not intenentional, just keepin' the flow.

Fixin' test scores to get the best scores

Droppin' bananna peels all over the floor

I'm the kid who made delinquincy an art

Last name: Simpson. First name: Bart.

I'm here today to introduce the next phase

the next step in the big Bart craze

I got a new dance, real easy to do

I learned it with no rhythm and so can you [ooh!].

So move your body, if you got the notion

Front to back in a rock-like motion

Now that you got it if you think you can

Do it to the music - that's the Bart, man.

Background singer (chorus):

Everybody if you can, do the Bart, man

Shake your body turn it out, if you can, man

[obscured] ...to the side as you can can

Everybody in the house do the Bart, man.

repeat chorus


It wasn't long ago, just a couple of weeks

I got in trouble - yeah, pretty deep.

Homer was yellin' [Bart!] Mom was too

Because I put mothballs in the beef stew.

Punishment time - in the air lurks gloom

Sittin' by myself confined to my room

When all else fails, nothin' else left to do

I turn on the music so I can feel the groove

Background singer (alternate chorus):

Move your body if you got the notion

Front to back in a rock like motion

Move your hips from side to side now


If you've got the groove, you gotta use it

Rock rhythim in time with the music

Just might start a chain reaction


If you can do the Bart, you're bad, like Michael Jackson

Background singer:



Do the Bart, man. Everybody back and forth, from side to side.

Do the Bart, man. Now here's a dance beat that you can't deny:



Turn it down! Will you stop that infernal racket!

Background singer:

Do the Bart, man!

[sax solo]


Oh my ears! Lisa! Put that saxophone away! Ya can't touch this!

I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.

Now I'm in the house feelin' good to be home

'Till Lisa starts blowin' that damn saxophone
And if it was mine, you know they'd take it away.
But still I'm feelin' good, so that's okay.
I'm up in my room, just a-singin' a song
Listen to the kick-drum kickin' along.
Now Lisa like Jazz, she's [obs] number one fan
But I know I'm bad, 'cause I do the Bart, man.

Do the Bart, man. Everybody back and forth from side to side.
Do the Bart, man! She can do it, he can do it, so can I.

Background singer:

2nd half, alternate chorus

mix chorus & alternate chorus until end.

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