12 O'clock

Do The Math

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Dark Shade (echoed throughout chorus)
Do the math and calculate the odds
And you will see that these destined to be large
Do the math and calcualte the odds
And you will see that these destined to be large

[Verse 1: D-Shade]
So ? the mission, I'm in theis rhyme infantry division
An expidition in submission when you causin' friction
If y'all turn fiction and claim that it's real
I use my x-ray vision like the man of steel
Your schemes are thin and transparent
You need to iron out your flaws
I'm striking frauds like dragon claws for the cause
Y'all better pause unless you want to be applying gauze
Sharpen my spear then I go hunting for Jaws
In these waters that are infested you best to know how to swim
At the first sight of shark's spin, I strike like a schrukin
The unstoppable force on a collision course
I'm breaking down your doors and depleting you power source
Whether you're ready or not, I'm still going to shake up your block
And if you think not, you must be high like hippies were at Woodstock
You're on some bad acid, a yo, you're tripping out
And I really doubt you'll make it through this next bout
Go back and train before you test this man with super reign
Come back like yellow rain to burn up your terrain
It's simple and plain against the extraordinary
Taking beef off the bones and I'mma leave that shit buried


[Verse 2: D-Shade]
Yo, I incinerate fradulent techs with no regrets
So place your bet on the man who gas next like KRS
'Cause I bring no stress, for me to set stages a blaze
Heat the mic like Sundays, I never stray from righteous ways
If I enter zones, I leave your cyphers and your domes blown
Skills continue to shine like 24 carat stones
Protect my home and infiltrators try my gate
I shake the whole block like a 9.9 earthquake
Who wants to wrestle, my shits on lock like the figure four
I detonate the C-4 and come storming through your door
Prepare for war, I got hundreds of attacks
See, I'm making walls collapse when I drop my science on a track
Before the caps, I bust my raps straight at you mental
And it's essential to start thinking past the gentials
Want to ge generals, can't even control their army
So how do they think that what they step with could ever harm me

Chorus X2

[Verse 3: D-Shade]
Yo in this quest I set my sights on success
I'm staying blessed and keeping stress off my mother's chest
Can't let her worry about her only child
I wonder if he's running wild, or doing time inside the penile
Yo, that ain't my style, this here brother's staying focused
If what you do is bogus, I attack like wild locust
Depleting your crops, while I invest in stocks and my future
Keepin y'all moving like commuters
Change my situation, concentrate on elevation
Help myself and my peeps, you know the 360 rotation
'Cause within my wypher we be lighting different fires
And we going to meet back in the middle twice as fat like easy riders
Seperate like dividers from the wackness to conquer the globe
Who dares to interrupt the natural order of my humble abode
It's best to do the math and don't miscalculate
'Cause D-Shade will come to regulate and se the record straight

Chorus X2

If ya do the math