Acoustic Junction

Do What You Do

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Somebody tell me where gordie went
He's way down south just living in a tent
Smokes marijuana sleeps all day
Somebody tell me why gordie went away

His brothers playing music in a rock and roll band
Working in a basement trying to give himself a hand
He makes no money has a lot of fun
You never see that boy sitting in the sun

Hold on
I want to watch the river flow
Hold on
I don't know where it goes
How come a man do what he do, do what he do...

Sarah's got a man and he's building a house
Somebody's money gonna be their boss
Build a wooden house put it on a hill
When they have a child they should call him little will

Jimmy sings better than the rest of his band
But he still plays harp like a back up man
Stage is getting bigger jimmy's still small
When jimmy sings he sounds ten feet tall

Nobody knows when it all comes down
You make your plans and they turn out wrong
I don't mind growing old, that's just the way things go
Good men just go with their hearts, when it all comes down
When it all comes down, when it all comes down...

Some get married and some get religion
Every other day they got to make a big decision
Ride trains get plain move to california
Call me on the phone you know i would have warned you

Now i got a friend who knows what it means
Got a hammer in his hand and he's building a dream
I asked him once how i'd ever get through
He looked me in the eyes and said, "do what you do"

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