Erick Macek


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Well they say most things they happen for a reason
but don't you know most people, they change with the seasons
and i know this and you know this
but either way we keep on living with that hit or miss

Well, we're a moving and a shaking
and everybody's taking
but what we miss to realize
is that we have all mistaken
the truth

yes, i said the truth
just open up your minds
and let the rest come through to you
("let it all come through to you")

i know it's time to turn my new leaf over
and yes i know this will take time
open your minds...and we'll dream the world over
live your dreams, we'll all be fine

Well, it only takes time
to turn life upside down
but to choose which way
will only take away from your choice,
which you perceive to have
but you hold on to the answers
cause in life they're up for grabs

And i know
what you need
is a little bit of love
in the atmosphere

And what you want
you cannot have
but don't give up on your dreaming
cause sometimes (in life) that's all we have
("don't give up on your dreaming")