Dream About It

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I Didn't Wanna Talk
I Didn't Even Know Your Name
But the Way That You Moved Your Body
I Could Tell That You Were Game
As I Moved a Little Closer to You
You Cast Your Spell On Me

I Didn't Wanna Stop
Didn't Wanna Miss a Beat
Cos the Passion Inside of You
Knocked Me Off My Feet
There Was Nothing I Could Do About It
You Had a Hold Over Me
It Must Have Been Plain to See

But Don't Go Jumping to Conclusions
I Ain't Looking For Romance
I'm Having the Best Time Now
But Please Understand

Don't Even Think That I
Wanna Run Away With You
Never Assume That I
Could Ever Feel the Way You Do
Who Said a Thing About
Love Forever True
Don't Even Dream About
Dream About It

You Led Me to Your Ride
Pulled the Soft Top Down
I Could Tell I'd Got Your Motor Running
As We Cruised Through Town
As a Warm Breeze Strokes Your Body
I Felt You Touching Me
It Wasn't Just a Fantasy

Don't Ever Dream That This Could Be
More Than Just Sexuality
Just 'cos I'm Knocking Boots With You
You Ought to Think Yourself Lucky
To Land Yourself a Squeeze Like Me
So You Just Appreciate It
Before You Go and Waste It