Reign Of Terror

Embrace The Darkness

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Drink up from my chalice
Taste ever lasting life
Embrace the darkness
Shun the light
The powers you desire
Now are close at hand
Forged in flames by fire
Now I rule this land
See my own reflection
A creature that's not me
To sell your soul to satan
To be damned eternally

Unfolding Timeless horrors
As I guard the gates to hell
Taking pleasure in your tormented screams
I long to hear you yell
I, messenger of death
In my blackend cloak
Come to take away your soul
In all your sins you soak
Take my hand and come with me
Transcend this mournful world
Or maybe burn down here with me
Where death is no concern

Undiluted evil
From the ages past
A covenant of death
Now has come to pass

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