Dreaming Of A Little Cabin

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In dreams of yesterday I wander back to my little cabin door
I strolled beside an old rock garden and saw familiar scenes once more
I heard the organ softly playing its music came so sweet and low
And I heard my mother softly saying as she did so many years ago
(I was dreaming of a litttle cabin when I heard somebody called my name
I looked and saw a sweet old lady I did seem I was a child again
She gently put her arms around me and kissed her little boy once more
And I knew it was the same sweet mother that have kissed me many times before)

I heard her sing the rock of ages and silver threads among the gold
She told me once again of Jesus within a little cabin fold
She opened up a faded Bible where the family record used to be
And I knew it was the same sweet mother that years ago had craded me
(I was dreaming of a litttle cabin...

Autor(es): Bill Fold

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