Dreams, Just Dreams

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[1st verse:]
The sunbeams have taken their flight
The day slowly turned into night
All nature's at rest
The birds in their nest
Sleep on 'neath the moon's silv'ry light
The shadows of eve ease my heart
For now that we've drifted apart
I find joys anew while dreaming of you
Dreams that can ne'er come true

Dreams, just dreams
My beautiful golden dreams
It seems my dreams
Are missives of sweet consolation
Each dream I dream
Turns gloom to a bright sunbeam
Since the love that I gave
Found a grave, all I crave
Is dreams, just dreams

[2nd verse:]
I wake with the morning my dear
The sun up above shining clear
The flowers seem gay to welcome the day
A day that will seem like a year
My goal is a land so it seems
Where night never turns to sunbeams
The world I would give to go there and live
Live with my golden dreams

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