Drilled to Kill

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You don't know
The thing which you're fighting for
But you know how to kill

Since your dad
Has sold you to them, your life's changed
You have to do what they say

If you don't obey
They'll beat you up

Listen what they say
And fear the power they've got

All your life
You will be a warrior of peace or war
You don't know

Since your dad
Has sold you to them, you've got a gun
And something to eat

No more mercy
You're drilled to kill and to die

Oh boy - can't you see
You're drilled to kill for their lies

Why do you feel so alone now
You see the enemies face

You have to fight, but you know how
Shoot him there's no time to waste

This was your seventh victim
Looks so funny when they fall

Nobody said it's bad thing
You have shot'em and that's it all

Repeat chorus
Repeat 1st verse

You've got no choice
Like other boys
You're just an instrument
One of their toys

Sometimes you remember
This time long ago
You remember your father
But it's hurting you so