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I'm off on another West Texas run, it's fifty miles to the
next town, Son
I've got some beer iced down in the back and I don't mind
if I have me one
Cruising down this two-lane road with one arm stuck out in the sun
There's horses underneath my hood and I think I just might let 'em run

All the way to Amarillo or maybe Abilene
Or maybe down some back road to some town I've never seen
What keeps these wheels in motion is what keeps me alive
You know everything's gonna be alright
As long as I've got this drive

Now I've been through some changes, friend, I've been half way to Hell and back again
But at least I do things my own way and that's all that matters in the end
And whether I wind up rich or poor just doesn't matter anymore
I'm pulling out all the stops, gonna shove that pedal right through the floor

Now I've got a girl with long, blonde hair, she's the answer to my prayers
She understands this life I lead and I know she'd follow me anywhere
And I'm gonna take her with me, Lord, I swear

Autor(es): Mark David Manders / Ric Ocasek

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