Dani Shay

Drive Me Crazy

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Somewhere deep inside I know it's wrong
But I have been fighting off this feeling for way too long
So, you've got the key, all you have to do is turn me on
So you can drive me crazy

Let's take a drive tonight
And watch the sun rise
And even in the daylight I can see the moon shining in your eyes
And I'm stepping on the gas and the brakes at the same time
Because you drivin' me crazy

I have a question: do you think we can take it slow?
Because I take my time to learn the things that I don't know
So teacher, teacher, tell me when it's my turn to go
So I can drive you crazy
Oh, I gonna drive you crazy

I dont know where we are going and I really don't care
All I know is I'll be happy as long as you there
And I am aware that we are the most ridiculous pair
And we don't care
No, we don't care
Because we drive each other crazy
Oh, we're mad