Drive My Car

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Verse 1:
Twincam, Turbocharge, Fuel injection
Drive shaft, Jet black, wider wheels
Alloy caps, front grills, automatic,
Car fanatic
Raving up from under me

Verse 2:
Four speaker bass bins, wheel spins,
Stereo, fog lights, accelerate,
Motorway, cruise control, low suspension,
Pumping up inside of me

I wanna drive my car
With no speed-limit
Wanna drive it fast
Foot down on the gas
And the wheels turn round and round
(Nothing´s gonna get me down) Or (I ain´t gonna hang around)

Verse 3:
Foot down on the floor
Roof back,
Slam the doors,
Get inside, we can ride,
Take the wheel for a while
Tail lights
White lines
C´mon, take a ride with me
No cash, can´t splash
Don´t care, I swear,
No bank, full tank,
Blowing smoke in the air
Baby, come on, take a seat right next to me

Middle section, add libs

Final chorus:
I wanna drive my car
I wanna drive my car
I wanna drive my car
I wanna drive my car.

Autor(es): Sasha

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