Driven Into Hysterics

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Defiled by the hands of savagery, traumatized seduced by agonized screams,
depravities, excessive bloodshed, slowly slipping insane, raging anger,
uncontrolled hatred repeatedly raped, severely beaten. Uncountable days
captive, her body weakens from starvation, obvious physical deterioration.
Cripple with fear, shivering in horror. Terrorized as she gazed into my eyes
in a semiconscious state, seldomly passing out. Cries amplified in silence
increasing the agony, she feel into catatonia. Molested while unconscious,
oral insemination, violent intercourse, nipples bitten and removed, her
dangling body stained with blood and excretions, reeking. Driven into
hysterics. Mentally scarred forever hallucinations, constantly reminding.
Although she survived, she will always visualize the horrid scenes.

Autor(es): Giovanni Ipri

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