Drive Off A Mountain

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Here there's snow, varina
It's new years eve
On the coast there's a girl that i know
With mountains in between

But when you pick up the phone i'm not there
And when you call me at home i'm not there
And when you need me the most i'm not there
Surrounded by mountains, i'm scared
(i left the only place i knew...)

Cars stop, beware
There's snow
Up where cars fall
Beware, there's snow up there

Music doesn't need me, i am the smallest sound
I throw our own rocks at the top from the bottom
The peaks have yet to see me from the ground
And the ranges stretch so far i don't think i could climb them all
So with a wave of my tiny hand i dismiss
Those mountains there, they don't exist

I never hit the breaks
I figure why start now
Excelerator all the way
Excelerating all the way down

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