Drive She Said

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Sittin' right behind me I could smell her perfume
It was something I smelled before
Went through a red light while I spilled my drink
I could feel something sticky on the floor
I said, "Miss you gotta tell me where yo wanna go to,
I can't keep driving 'round the same block."
Then I crumpled my cup and pulled the gum off my shoe
And then she told me,
"Just shut up and keep your eyes on the ruad...

And just drive," she said
"Just drive," she said

Well, I watched her grip her hands on the bag in her lap
While I scratched the bald spot on my head
I knew then that my cab was just a getaway car
But I shut up and drove like she said
I took a bite off my donut then I offered her one
I said, "Lady, are you in a fix?"
Then she reached in her purse and she pulled out a gun and said,
"Now, just shut up and keep your hands on the wheel...


And then the moon disappeared and it started to rain
So I turned the windshield wipers on full
And on the bag in her lap I saw the name of a big bank downtown
And I said, "YOu don't have to worry about me..."
And when I turned the headlights on,
Just for a minute I thought I saw the both of us
On some kinda tropical island someplace
Walkin' down a white sandy beach eatin' something...


We pulled out of traffic down a dark side street
She was fixin' her hair in the mirror
I made a left turn at a yellow light
Drove my cab fast towards the pier
She boarded the boat and turned and blew me a kiss
and leter on when the squad cars came 'round
I ate a handful 'a peanuts and then I told 'em this
"I don't remember much...
Just keep your haands on the wheel, and just drive, she said."

Autor(es): Stan Ridgway

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