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She came to me so suddenly
On the wings of the night
She captured me so mystically
Inside the aura of her light

Lost within her spell
An endless wishing well
Her whispers on the wind, again

Enchanted by her eyes
That see inside of me
Enchanted by her realm of dreams
To the door she holds the key
Enchanted by her touch
That intoxicates my soul
Enchanted by her burning flames
That makes desires whole

The darkness falls and twilight calls
To meet her by moonlight
A seducing mist I can't resist
With a glimpse takes lucid flight

Enticing witchery
And shrouded mystery
Her calls are on the wind, again

Enchanted, I'm enchanted, enchanted, I'm enchanted
Enchanted, I'm enchanted, enchanted, I'm enchanted

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