Drivin' With My Eyes Closed

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Green light I'm already gone
Don't know where I'm going, but I'm holdin' on
Hard right and I'm fighting the wheel
Faster than lightning, rollin' thunder and steel

Pulling ahead on a straight away run
I'm a rocket to Mars, racing round the sun

Hammer down, and away we go
Like a bat out of hell from the fires below
Where it stops nobody knows
I can't get much faster, don't know what I'm after

I feel like I'm driving with my eyes closed
Everything is coming straight at me
I might be headin' down the wrong road
Get out of my way, I'm moving fast and free

Red line I'm already there
I'm melting the block, and I don't even care
Built for speed, I'll go a million miles
I'm a formula one, and I don't mind dying

Hitting the line on an adrenalin rush
You can't catch me, you can eat my dust

Autor(es): Danny Kortchmar / Don Henley / Joe Lynn Turner / Stan Lynch

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