Gym Class Heroes


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Ahh... I usually avoid any type 'o' confrontation
Conversation, in moderation
Lips sealed but my fingers are flying
As the hours pass they grow more impatient

My phone is mad lettered, especially when I'm sauced up
And I admit that I'm ashamed
But there's Melissa, Theresa, and Emily
What a toss-up! But that's the best part of the game.

And I'm really a novice aspirin' alcoholic
Drownin' the days pain in house barley and grain
Thinkin' of ways to convince one to join me in the company of low life sort, doin' the same

(So) I start txtin
(Ah) I keep txtin
(Heeey) I can't stop its my obsession

(Yep) Its like fishin' and my words are like lures
If they bite the bait (cool), if not call it a night
We can't, more like we shouldn't
I know...
And I try, to be a good boy but it's hard
(I start textin', I keep textin', I can't stop its my obsession)

Now ask yourself this: Is love a tender thing? Too rough? Too rude? Too boisterous?
Well I'll tell you what man I had her once and it was fun but not enough
Tis torture, and not mercy
Heaven is where my phone lives (heaven is where my phone lives)

In my pocket, so cozy; oh what a joy replies give
It seems Melissa's babysittin' and Theresa's workin' late
But Emily's on her way to East Eleventh on a train...
And that's when I remember Pattie from West Philly, she says I'm in your area three minutes away

So I stop textin'
No more textin'
Hey! yeah right its my obsession


I know you think I'm wreckless, move so fast (slow down)
I think I love so I told him by the inter-sex-message (?) (uh-huh)
He wrote back, me too...I was just sittin' here thinkin' 'bout you
I know I want him but I can't and I shouldn't

Tried to put my phone down, damn! but I couldn't
Stayed on the phone with him all night long
Text message when I'm gone


Autor(es): Gym Class Heroes

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