Dr. No

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Who´s Dr. No
Some people let me know
Be careful
What has he done
A man was on the run
Baby he is cruel
Stop - danger zone
An island is his home
Called Crab Key
Light blue lagoon
A world behind the moon
Like a mystery
Your kiss in the twilight time
A dragon creeps around
Close your eyes - Baby wait and keep quiet
When you hear the sound

Doc, Dr. No has a plan
Baby he´s a dangerous man
It´s a trick - can´t you see
It´s a fight for mastery
Doc, Dr. No - he´s insane
And he plays a crazy game
Send an S.O.S. Babe
It´s not too late

Dr. - Dr. - Dr. No
He attacks you - don´t you know
World in danger
Don´t give up - it´s time to go
Dr. - Dr. - Dr. No
Midnight fighter - stop I know
He´s a gangster
Run and hide - it´s time to go

Who´s Dr. No
A young girl lets me know
He scared men
Baby it´s time
Oh he commits a crime
And he plans again
Stop - danger zone
Oh we are not alone
On Crab Key
Blue neonlight
A soldier by your side
Baby can you see
Your kiss in the twilight time
We´re undercover, girl
Close your eyes - Honey Rider keep quiet
He will rule the world

Autor(es): Detlef Wiedeke / Michael Scholz / Rolf Kohler

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