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My country 'tis of the

Our innocence is history

I've seen purple mountains majesty

Sink into the shining sea

I've seen children on the street

Angels die for my liberty


I will run through the rain

Get a little wetter

Hold a bucket to the sky

Make the world a little better

I may never reach the top

But I will not stop

Tho' I'm just one Drop

My country 'tis of thee

Half the time I'm losing sleep

Sweet land of possibility

Can't walk a mile to save her feet

Nothing's making any sense

Can one little Drop make a difference?


Wash my heart clean

Drench my dreams

In rivers and lakes and streams

Tumbling into a sea

Of people at peace

Do you think I'm naïve?

My country 'tis of thee

Take my hand, say can you see

Let it be, let angels sing

Let hearts run free, let freedom ring

We will run through the rain…

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