Droppin Tha Tops

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(feat. Yung Chris, Shyna, Lil' B, Boss Hogg, Jay-Ten, K.)

S.L.A.B., Slow Loud And Bangin'
This Young Chris from the West, we pulling out baby
We in a platinum line ha, beating your trunk off
Go on turn your knock up, and if you got plex
Nigga catch a square, anytime any place anywhere bitch

[Hook: Shyna]
We dropping the tops
Tipping on glass, crawling up the block
We hogging the lanes, yeah
24's spinning, and they ain't gon stop
I'm riding my slab
Waving my trunk, while I'm gripping grain
I'm doing my thang, yeah
Slow Loud And Bangin', niggaz know what I claim

[Lil' B]
When I pull out drop the top, won't park cause I roam the lot
Hit BJ tell him meet me at the spot, just in case a jacker want what I got
I'm in a 6-9 Cheve old school, platinum with the pop do's fool
Chrome grill on the nose fool, with 4-4's wrapped up and vogues too
I'll hit the Av' banging S.L.A.B., in a slab crawling like a crab
Niggaz don't wanna give me dab, cause my 12's hit hard like a jab
Niggaz know it when I show it, pop the trunk and neons glow it
Lil' B from H still holding, with the belts fifth wheel and bumper folded

See me in my wide ride, everything to the left side
HGC on my plates right, inside got do's suicide
Engine power gliding on monoxide, flo' master
Run up on the 7-deuce Boss gon blast ya, better have a prayer with a hell of a pastor
Pull up and pop the trunk like Fat Pat, roll one deep with a fat black gat
Platinum with DJ Screw blue in the back, eight switches with the top on crack
Swanging the lane on the swangas I swang, banging the trunk in the slab with the grain
Flipping through hoods you can't flip through again, smashing my gas then I'm off in the wind
Off in the wind they like the Lincoln I ride the Cheve, banging slow loud and tipping heavy
I didn't pull it out till the car was ready, Southside still holding steady
Cat fish on 4's in the Buick, jamming Slow Loud And Bangin' music
Black swangas on a black Eldorado, enough to make niggaz lose it


I'm gripping grain up in a Lac, 20 inches six 12's in the back
My name stitched all on the seats, like 8 Ball we sitting fat
Ain't no T.V.'s got mirrors falling, for the 2K5 you gon see me balling
When I hit West state you gon see me hauling, in the platinum Fleetwood slab that I'm crawling
Pulling up dubs raised, from the way I dress you know I stay paid
Game so thoed I'm pimping mayn, from the way I spit you know I stay laid
Half of karats all around my neck, slow and loud when I bang my set
Haters chill 'fore your ass get wrecked, six digits when I cash my check

Right now shit be smooth sailing, fo' 24's everytime I'm bailing
Gotta watch what these hating ass niggaz telling, every single one of us known felons
Asshole bitch and that's what I'm repping, fo' do' Cheve with a loaded weapon
White tee's and kicks everytime I'm stepping, I'm a G and a pimp and a thugging veteran
Why these hoes be steady bopping, why my rims ain't never stopping
Why my slab be oh so wide, with a reclinable fifth that's known for dropping
Bleek on black and I bet he chopping, Boss on juice then I bet he hopping
Ro on the passenger side of my truck, if a jacker running up then I bet he popping

Pulling up at the light trunk on lock, got the 12 gauge ready with the 4-5 cocked
Hogging the lane, black on black with six twelves
A six pack nigga did that, swanging hard in a wide frame
Steady banging Slow Loud And Bang, pop the trunk let the fifth wheel hang
Hoes steady wanna know my name it's K, all I like to do ball and parlay
On the paper chase with the nigga Trae, South Klique everyday all day
With the Warren G, Lil' B, Jay'Ton and J2
Chunking the deuce up out the roof, in a seven deuce on 22's


Autor(es): Bangin / S.L.A.B. Slow Loud

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