Drowned in Grim Rebirth

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Dwelling from beneath
In cavernous depths
A primitive altar aged
In ritual blood

Ceremonial secrets concealed
In silent walls
Legends of evil entwined in lore

Whispered incantations
Echoed far from beyond

Revealing the genesis of poisonous magic

This flowing blood
From a pure creationg

Enter the summoning
Of the dark temptation

Gagging convulsions
In the hym of torment

Suspended animation
Offered in worship

Diabolical rite executed from
Tongues of the perverse

Drowning in the darkness
Of esoteric curse

Innocence swallowed in this foul act
Manifested deed conjures this death

Tumbling inside, womb of despair
Silencing coldness, suffocation prevails

Sacrificial submergence
Shaping of a wicked deliverance

Necromantic maceration
Blackened waters of sacrifice

Bloodless eyes evolving
Into a deathly void

Final breath of transform
This sanctity destroyed

Prying claws inside the consecrated womb
As death re-postures the infant is reborn
Praise the becoming of this vile hex
Emerging paragon of malevolent return

Autor(es): Zack Simmons

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