Drowning in your eyes

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Feel the ground it's slipping away
Like a sigh that greets the close of day
Feel the waters' welcoming arms
Embrace me in the quiet calm

I can't hear what you say anymore
Just the sound of trees on the ocean floor
Irresistably drawn from the shore

I'm drowning in your eyes
I'm floating out to sea
Helpless on the restless tide
That flows between you and me

Moving slowly as if in a dream
The colours change from blue to green
All around me reflections of you
In forests deep I'm passing through

In the swell of the storm we're as one
We're dancing in the morning sun
Could it be that we've only just begun

Chorus x 2

Lying here beside you
Try to reach you but you're so far....

Chorus x 2

I'm drowning in your eyes
I'm drowning in your eyes
I'm drowning in your eyes

Autor(es): Ephraim Lewis / Jonathan Quarmby

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