Drown You Out

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Today was unexpected
Nothing here is how I left it
Each day that passes by just seems to feed the lie
Closing in around me makes it so hard to see
Now I'm standing on the ledge
My foot creeps closer to the edge
Friends all know what to say
To make me push them away
What they can't know about me makes it so hard to see

I'm not holding my tongue for you anymore
I'll scream so loud til I drown you out
Now you can't hold me down anymore
I'll scream so loud til I drown you out

So many days of silence
Too many destructive ways to vent
I hope they set something free
Didn't know they were out to kill me
Today I'll turn it all around
Pick myself up off the ground
Sweat all the sickness out
Force all the demons down
Stand up and set it straight
Get it right before it's too late
For now I'm feelin fine
Left all the pain behind
It's time to live my life
I finally got it right

I can still taste the words on my tongue sayin we're okay
But when I raise my head up to see the darker side that isn't me
So now I raise my hands up so tired of giving in
throw this all away and start again

Autor(es): Ed Sloan / Mitch James

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