Schoolboy Q

Druggys Wit Hoes

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Got the baddest hoes, got the finest weed
Everywhere I goes, they know who I be
Now take a picture, now let me be
Let me do me, let me be a fiend

I'm shooting up, everyday I'm tryna ball
With my little china doll, got my back like spinal cord
That pistol on me, yeah that.45
Nigga feeling do or die, fuck tryna be unified
She over there, wanna be over here
So I pull her hair, fuck her from the rear until she there
How are you? Shit, I go by q
Hey ho, now what it do?
Got a king size and it's built for 2

I been meaning, to be leaning up in that pussy
Like promethazine and she took the semen my willy beaming
On any given sunday that pussy a runway
She did it the fun way, smash it like, ticante
She did me hombre no need for nombre, we screaming olé and olé
We scored no goalie, she's just a groupie
And group-a, gave top like toupée, bum rushed that coochie
Her pussy lukewarm like long lay, her head be bombay
Like gin and oj, took a shot, and I won like gameday
Yes I'm the sensei, comprende? Got a ticket, one way

Oh, you don't really see it that I'm gone?
Pass the baton, black, peal rap, spit to the break of the dawn
Nigga we all that, we all that, see that's the shit that we be on
Nigga this black hippy, nothing else, beat so bake I'm 'bout to melt
All my shit be prison felt, tde we got the belt
Hold it down if nothing else, swear to God, on my life
Where it's at? Shit on sight, down to ride, fuck a bike
If I'm locked then fly a kite, keep a strap on like a dyke
Tde we got the belt, hold it down if nothing else

Got the baddest hoes, got the finest weed
Everywhere I goes, got the finest weed
The finest weed, the finest weed
Everywhere I goes, got the finest weed
(Marijuana, hydro, pussy, ho, ass, titties)
(Marijuana, hydro, pussy, ho, ass, titties)
Got the baddest hoes (ass, titties)
Got the finest weed (pussy, ho, ass, titties)
Everywhere I go (marijuana, hydro, pussy, ho, ass, titties)

Quincy, where the weed at? You know I really need that
You know we go back, 'member when I had you smoking blacks?
In the back when top was gone now top is back
That mean we in juice garage, you know you my brethren, we superstars
Still mobbing the 7/11, fuck a car
Top dawg, ya little fists ain't up to par
Got the baddest hoes, burn the finest kush

That means I'm a botanist slash gynecologist
Please hold your apologies for sleeping it was prophecy
I just need some time to have these demons climb up out of me
You know the ones that got me sipping these mickeys 'til I'm numb
Having your missis' tongue missing from her mouth, in around my nuts
Ring around the rosie, pocket full of dust bunnies
This hip hop ain't done none for me
Knew I was to be a star when I had a cubby
Watching ferngully, now everything I puff fluffy and I'm so comfy
Watch the company I keep in case they come for me
All these bitches in your dreams drinking cum from me
This blue dream steam in the lungs of me, oh, buddy (soul!)