Druggys Wit Hoes Again

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Drugs, drugs, got them hoes again
(Coming down, coming down, coming down, coming down)
Coming down off a pill, see what next we on
Bad little bitch in the driver's seat
Fuck them rappers, should be bumping me
Puff on your own, shit I puff alone
Won't pass the weed, but I'll pass a bitch
Mastermind, the bitch stole my dick
Stuck me up, and didn't hit a lick
Retaliated, had to bust off quick

Uh, let me see, here's some orange juice, you like taking e?
Hennessey, yeah, on the rocks, take a shot and I'll take a bop
Uhh, little sarcasm, swag o.d. Got 'em all laughing
G hippy, he gon' orgasm, leaning out the 4, now I'm really spazzing
Backwoods, that good, high as hell
Ysl, nigga, rack me out, rack me out, I say rack me out!
Just sold it out, then stack me out
Fuck all that shit you be talking 'bout

On the come up and the world can vouch
Been around the globe, no more mami house
Pulled her panties south and I stuck it north
Yeah, I fucked, of course
Having intercourse, I can fuck for life
Guess I fucked her right, she keep talking like
You nasty (you nasty) you nasty (you nasty)
You nasty (see q, you know you nasty)
Bet I got some weed (bet I got your bitch)
Bet she on her knees (bet she swallow dick
Bet she love my swag (bet she leave your ass)
(Coming down, coming down, coming down, coming down)

Soulo ho (soulo ho) soulo ho (soulo ho)
Leaning like a mothafuckin' cholo, ho
Blue chucks on, el pollo loc'
Black lip bastard, o.g. Master
Off of e, she climax faster
Spread her legs like mayonnaise
Been had game since sega saturn (soul)
I won't pass the weed
But I'll pass your bitch, would you relax a bit?
I'm on actavis

Them niggas thought I had a laxative, now, ain't that some shit?
Hmm, ain't that some shit?
She suck dick, but she don't give me no lip
I run shit, but I don't be on no field
Bust on hoes, don't need no clip
Now, that's gangsta, bitch
Rolling through the city with my gangsta bitch
I'm a gangsta, bitch! Hiiipower
We on y'all heels like anklets

Q, tell these niggas what we on
Throw a ho away, blow an o a day, carry on
She unzipped these 501 jeans
After that she told me, she told me
Marijuana, hydro, pussy, ho, ass, titties
Marijuana, hydro, pussy, ho, ass, titties
Ass, titties, pussy, ho, ass, titties
Marijuana, hydro, pussy, ho, ass, titties

Okay! Extra pills! Extra pills, I got extra pills!
2 For the 10, nigga, extra pills! Give your bitch some sex appeal
Hey soul! (extra pills) nigga, what you want? (extra pills)
2 For the 10? (extra pills) well, fuck it then, nigga, give 'em extra pills!
Extra pills! Extra pills! Fuck it then, nigga
2 For the 10, o.d. On a nigga! Extra pills! I said extra pills!

Still got the baddest hoes, still burn the finest weed
Everywhere we go, they still know who we be
Now, take a picture, now, let me be, tde
Got them hoes again, q, got the weed again, solo
(Coming down, coming down, coming down, coming down)

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