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Oxycotten man, that shit is right but uh,
Crush em' and snort em' and all your problems are forgotten ohh
20's, 40's, 80's
addicted huh? maybe.
My nose is bleeding,
I keep itching like I've got rabis
just let it drain
another synthetic, pathetic method to submerge my inner pain.
blame my family and friends
who else? it just depends
just want it all to end,
I need to snort again.
I need some more drugs, like all 6 of them,
I'll take these vicodens, hey you pass the clionopens.
They're banging at the bathroom door, but I can't let them in.
Rigitmortis, pale blue on white porcelin

oh wee oh wee oh
drugs they take control
oh wee oh wee oh
drugs they own my soul

No where to even explain
I couldnt think to reframe
My life can be summed up in one word
Ill leave the end of the straw that I snorted through
and when I'm through Ill rub my teeth with the residue.
I'm always thinkin about the next line
Man I know I owe you 3 bills, fuck it I'll pay you next time.
I gotta score some more no matter what the cost is.
Man I can't even feel my face, my nose is frostbit
high as a kite (whispers)
I"m having palpitutions
I do this every night (whispers)
Its self desicration
I dont know wrong from right (whispers)
I can't resist tempatation
Hope I will be alright (whispers)
Its self anninhaltion

Your G for grindin hard
you cannot catch your breath
your eyes are dialated
Welcome to crystal meth!
Stick deprivation now intertwined with some chemicals
and as a result, the twisted relm of scenarios
Paranoid, hearing police scanners and radios
the voices in your head now speak to you in stero.
seeing shadows around the corners of your eyeballs
Just smoke the rest and hide in the closet til nightfall.
Midnight, its time to make the escape
jumped in the ride
time is horrorsome, oh you can't wait
backin outta the driveway but didnt look both ways
another tweaker dead,
obituary paid

They call my name
They are to blame
Needles in my vain
Here we go again 2x

Drugs 7x

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