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Verse 1:
Celtic drum sings, yoruba drum dances
The pulse takes us all and becomes our heartbeat
We are all the same heart and all the same drum
Cross culture, whether or not you accept
Our drum is the same
Our heartbeat, our blood
The color of our bones when we dance
In bones alone

Aborigine dust, irish rain
Saudi prayer, navajo truth
Druid sight
Pulled into me
Pulled into you/the truth

Pulled into our drum
Which is the same
And ever shall be.
Nomatter what you say to me.
Nomatter if your heart be free.
We share a common/the mother's heartbeat
We share a common drum

Verse 2:
Christian heart may fail
Pagan song may rise
Hearts and minds stretched open wide
At the turning of the tide
Here at the century's painful dawn
We find we still are drumming
But our guns are drawn.
Sensibility has failed
And yet the drum is still resounding
Time is not yet done
There is room to turn it back around, children, but
We may find we have to hurry, may find we have to run.
We are all the same heart
And all the same drum
In spite of the sickness
We have become.


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