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You're a pain in my ass
You make me wanna die
Or kill or try to forget the remains of my life

I feel so hostile when you're around
Stumbling in the dark, through the trailer park
While the sky's falling down

I see your face in every drop of golden urine
Reflections rippling in the bowl, the room is spinning
I fall to my knees, oh, God, please, I'm losing everything
Retasting nachos, exhaling beer, I love getting drunk

I faked a back injury to stay unemployed
But now the nagging pain is real
And we're both in the void

It's time for dinner, while the dog food's still cold
I'm watching the game, words grow loud and profane
I storm out the door

I used to love you many years ago
But my blood content changed
Those days so far away, and so many to go

Defacing my clothes with belly stain
And smelling like a skunk
Replacing myself in public places
I love getting...

Autor(es): Bumblefoot

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