Drunken Physics

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Let the hadrons collide!
Chaos boils down to a theory
Of the random acts that take place
Not aligned not inclined to the prediction
‘cause i know that even asteroids can burn

Yeah lay the blame as you will
But there’s forces far beyond nature
That law, that draw called gravity
Don’t even get me started on light

Divided we fall apart, there’s safety in numbers
Put my faith in the stars, in the cosmos

Action conducts a reaction
Every blackhole starts from a star
They shatter that matter goes 2d
Ah i think i need to re-read that part

Yeah that night on the highway
When we both saw the hadron collider
I swear right there our minds were blown
I didn’t even know what it was

Been space invaded, had that mother blow my mind
Been space invaded, it happens to me every time

There’s eleven dimensions
In a brief history of time
Blackholes aint so black
Past, present and futures collide
There’s eleven dimensions
In our brief history of time
Elementary particles
Let all the uncertainties ride

Let the hadrons collide!

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