Lil' Wyte

Drunkest, Highest

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i'm the drunkest, highest, crunkest, toughest, fuckest, roughest, mother-fucker in here
the rawest, hardest, wildest, smartest, coldest, tightest, mother-fucker in here

just step tha fuck up off of me(bitch)
i done already told you, you ain't stopping me(bitch)
quick killers from tha camp that got the back on me(bitch)
you should have know i was part of the family(bitch)
therefore i'm bout to rock tha fuckin industry(bitch)
and plus i'm representing Memphis, Tennessee(bitch)
and i ain't giving up until i'm 7 feet(bitch)
yes i said 7 thats one for deeper see(bitch)
ya'll do not really know whats about to approach(bitch)
i kill ya quicker than some record killler roach(bitch)
i'm rawer than your dick when it rubs against tha panies(bitch)
could give a fuck if i don't ever see a grammy(bitch)
i'm gon keep rockin only what i know or see(bitch)
and what i see i write it down and then begin to speak(bitch)
you have no fuckin reason to be hatin me(bitch)
but i guess aggravation come with just being me(bitch)


i wake up early twist tha blunt up(bitch)
stumblin from tha night before still fucked up(bitch)
couldn't tell ya what i did in the last 24(bitch)
weed, zanex, and syrup yeah i'm on the floor(bitch)
but don't think that wont stop your jaw from gettin broke(bitch)
i got a bunch of killas that be on tha fuckin scope(bitch)
and plus my have killas come with .44's aimed at ya thoat(bitch)
you ain't got no time to run and you already know(bitch)
ya heart took a pause when wyte walked in tha door(bitch)
tha hoes pussy got moist when i began to flow(bitch)
and all the subject matter at hands i come with more(bitch)
the louder i spit my style the crowd would larger grow(bitch)
the bigger the crowd gets the more the money flows(bitch)
the bigger pockets i'm rockin gon make me give you more(bitch)
i got a destination in life and know thats fo sho(bitch)
infatuated with music, good drugs, and fuckin hoes(bitch)


my name is lil wyte and i'm gon set it straight(bitch)
you fucking with me you fucking with the bay(bitch)
review tha consequences repeat what you say(bitch)
mo of myself now how could you have may(bitch)
left it all bloody when i stepped off tha stage(bitch)
murdered tha mic and then went out on a rage(bitch)
slicin and dicin these rappas head with blaze(bitch)
your musics amuzing but i am not amazed(bitch)
my skill has been sheltered no more holds like i've been caged(bitch)
i've been skipped over once and turned to another page(bitch)
like these other dummies that got dropped off of this label(bitch)
i'm not gonna let this money have me snortin off the table(bitch)
but im gonna make'em stamp it for appoval if i'm able(bitch)
this here is not a lie, a story, a fib, or even a fable(bitch)
with H.C.P and lil wyte a perfect combination(bitch)
the crunkest, wildest, toughest, mother-fuckers in tha nation(bitch)


(bitch)x4 *into fade*