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Sitting at the bar, looking at the drinks
Hangin' with your friends, feeling no remorse
The russian or the german, we don't give a damn
So what's gonna be? Give me two of them

With your head spinning like a wheel
And our stomachs very fuckn' ill
The pleasure of the night will be the blondie one
Fight against temptation and we're still not done

Rulling in the mosh pit
Marching like an arm fleet
They say we're possessed by a drunk demon
Cause like us there's no equal

The best combination that you can ever have
It's thrash metal and beer and that you won't regret
And if get a girl and get to your house
The night it's not worth it? The beer will make it wild

We're drinking all the day, the beer it's not over
We're drinkig all the night and we're still sober
We're going home after the first morning light
This our heaven, this is the drunkyard

Autor(es): No Remorse

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