Dry Lightning

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It's the third week in August
When they leave their skins behind
This time of year all the rattlesnakes are strikin' blind
but that horse reared back and got one good kick
He's staggerin' against his own weight
If you put up a fight all your blood start to circulate

And it move throught those veins
Like a gas through a hose
don't you know that just ain't the same horse that he knows
With his eyes rolled back in his head
And his leg swelled up like a root
Get a bead on that old horse before you shoot

Down by the Ocotillo...where the yuccas grow tall
Deep in the shadows it's cool and it's dry
That's where the poison always crawls


They tie him up to the splitrail, and wait for the sun to go down
There ain't no point in us gettin' up early
This time tomorrow he'll be gone

And there's a slow wind in the desert
And these clouds always look the same
It's only dry lighning...
don't you know there's never no rain
Don't you know there's never no rain
Don't you know there's never no rain

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