Dry Season

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Pitch the horror to focus bringing the world to its knees
Behold the scourge of the centuries
Predict a virulent outcome prepare a venomous lie
For dominance the innocent will die
And I fell like it's a vision
God's will for the now and hereafter
I can hear it through the ages
Like a runnel infected with laughter
Just resentment unabated
To lay the prize at the feet of the profane
For the courage to endure

Set upon the populace of a secular state
To restore the caliphate
Reduce the west to weakness
without the stomach for war
Mobilize to arm the poor
Like prehistoric creatures
Predatory ideologues deployed
To sew a nihilistic end

Exsanguinate the barren fields
Burn all the infidels as bait
To separate the chosen from the chaff
See the prophet as risen
Fear the wrath of his vision
An infidel or a poet

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