D. Scott Parsley

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Hey girl
Is it really right for me
Send a little message
That i know i can see

Behold the life i lead for you
One would hope the only life for two
Can't you see the only life for me

Hey dude
Better try to make things work
You really gonna mess up
If you're like that with that girl

This way, this life, for me
This won't change the lonely life you see
This is not the life i thought would be

Hot dog
Guess you really bite my log
Everybody hates me
But assume i'm not around

For me, i say it's true
I wonder if they love me like you do
Maybe i can suck enough for two

Hey chick
What you gonna make of this
Getting sentimental
Better get there something quick

It's all the thing for me
Like some weird porno philosophy
Making us a grand apostrophe
It's sick
What you gonna make of this
Guess we'll think of something
Better think of something quick

It's here you make your peace
The cut the fold the crease
Maybe you can cure your own disease

Autor(es): Kurt Wagner

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