Ds Diner

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Who wants to go to D's Diner? (I do)
Who wants to go down to D's? (me)

There's a place just off the GRavenstein
Where the milkshakes flow like wine

The best damn breakfast Burrito
You can get anywhere anytime

When I think of them fried egg sandwishes
Well, my mouth starts waterin' hard

And them sweet potato fries
And onion rings taste just right
'Cause they don't fry in lard


Well fancy ketchup, bendy straw
This aint your average ma and pa

Grab a booth or sit outside
Have a dose of rainbow pride

Order at the window sill
And watch 'em fry up there on the grill

Bring your daughters, bring your sons
They serve their franks on your met buns

Tell your friends to come and see
'Cause no one serves it up quite like D


House-a-Hula Burger
Got teriyaki pineapple rings

Caliente Burger
Hot chiles that'll make you sing

Malted buttermilk pancakes all day long
Malted buttermilk pancakes all day long


Autor(es): Les Claypool

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