En Infinitus Sleepus

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Late at night I choose to live again, my friend
Invading all your dreams.
Planting the seeds of fear inside your head.
Feeds my need to hear you scream.

Your unconsciousness I invade,
In sweet slumber you?re enslaved,
Just make sure the bed is made,
A nightmare from which you can?t be saved.

Turn out the lights
Sleep down so I won?t bite
Turn out the lights
Mommy tucks you in warm and tight?

Keep your eyes on the clock till morning comes my friend,
My grip on you will not cease.
Sickening visions that you?re sure to dread,
A ghastly lullaby baby.

Don?t try to fight,
Just close your eyes,
Can?t run and hide,
In your dreams I?m alive. (x2)

Autor(es): Blitzkid

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