Big Pokey


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Tearing it up in this motherfucker, on the real
2000, mixing it up, Chevis Camp, what

[Big Pokey]
H-Town is the place, and you better respect it
Where G's get dissected, my corner's infected
Teflon bullet blockers, keep chest protected
Bitch niggas get crushed on, they vest neglected
These streets is hectic, I'm on top of my game
Niggas ain't waterproof, and I'm about to rain
Verbal cocaine, now they calling me cheap
These gats I pack crack hats, to settle the beef
I roll with big heaters, chrome body deleters
They turn packs of jackers, into sizzling fajitas
All bugs and mesquitos, get hit with the swallow
Take it from me, big boss in DADA
Run right through Nevada, move blast the zone
You can't see me, with your glasses on
Motorized stash spot, when I stash the chrome
And if I have to pull it out, I'ma blast you homes

[Hook: Lil' O - 2x]
You better make room, duck we bust
You bitch niggas, don't wanna fuck with us
We'll get masked up, and we'll rush your cut
And even hoes get hit man, we'll touch the slut

You never know what nigga, might want you dead
This is starving hitmen, a lot of niggas got bread
Caught him myself, put one in his head
Got away smooth, now I'm running from FED's
You never know when I retaliate, coming in dark
Was coward bitch nigga, that had no heart
Now my gun gon spark, and the world won't start
Use to be associates, the streets split us apart
Separated like a divorce couple, the more troubles
Potato over top of the nozzle, to make the sound muffle
Have your town puzzled, nobody heard it
Nobody cried, nobody cared when you got murda'd
You just a average, I send slugs through your fabric
Put him out his on my mathematics, I'll let him have it
You know how my men play, Big E and Sensei
I made hits with Pittsburgh, like Clemente

[Hook: Lil' O - 2x]

[Big Pokey]
On the real G's, flex with us
We sending cooked up compressed, to broke down to dust
What good is a pie, if you can't eat the crust
And divide that motherfucker, between each of us
See a nigga like me, I'ma feed the fam
And don't give a damn, if it's green eggs and ham
Bitch niggas get slammed, trying to take what's mine
I'm the nigga with the iron in front, aimed at your blind
Side, it's something foreign sitting wide
Peeping, bout to let off and ride
That's how it is, I'm just a nigga with mad skills
Knock through the soundbox, ripping the mad real
It's states was at Bailor's gates, and mad bills
Mad deals, eleven hundred with glass wheels
Now we hitters off the lot, as is
Chevis Camp, looking like the damn deal

[Hook: Lil' O - 2x]

Watch that bitch cause we'll touch the slut, for real
Chevis in this motherfucker repping fo' life
Said that, meant that, represent that, know I'm talking bout
Me and that fucking it up for this 2K, it's too serious baby
We'll touch the slut, cause on the real, watch out